Peak District Adventure | Derbyshire

A couple of weeks ago myself & Katie (Katie Ingram Photography) were itching to get out with our cameras and explore somewhere new. After a few discussions, Peak District was the answer. We have never been there before, so we were both mega excited! 

I got ever more excited when I started to approach Peak District and saw the top of the hills sprinkled with snow! The views were just mesmerising! 

We took the Kinder Scout's walk. It might seem like an easy route, but I would certainly recommend printing the map, and bringing the compass, especially if you're hiking during the winter months, as the weather conditions can change within minutes. Fortunately we turned back at the right time, as it started to snow and the vision became poor, but luckily we were already near the end of the trail. 

We also decided to climb Jacob's Ladder. Sadly we couldn't get to the top because of the ice, but we got as high as we could, and it was so worth it! 

Katie took some sneaky & epic shots of me! She is a mega talent! Check out her blog post about our adventure -