Wedding. Maria & Leon. Somerset.

I was travelling back home from Dartmouth on Tuesday morning & decided to stop in Bristol to see my very good friend Maria. I met Maria back in 2009 when I went to University of Lincoln, we were on the same course but she was two years above me. I found out she was from Russia & since I also speak Russian we got chatting and immediately clicked. She is such a fun & bubbly girl! 

She has recently opened her own cafe in Bristol called Blue Pig Cafe & I thought it would be wonderful to stop by to see her & catch up over a cup of coffee. As soon as I walked in I was greeted by a very warm atmosphere & smiles. Maria made me a cup of very delicious coffee, accompanied by amazing Russian pancakes.

Maria is a very talented lady, not only is she a cafe owner, she is also a Bristol based photographer - Maria Madison Photography. As we were catching up we have realised that the last time we saw each other was at Maria & Leon's wedding just over 2 years ago. Time flies! So when I got home, I decided to revisit Maria & Leon's wedding photos. It was the first ever wedding I attended as a guest, and not as a photographer, but of course I couldn't resist taking a few shots!

The wedding was held at a stunning St Audries Park, Somerset. Maria & Leon's wedding was quite special - part Russian & part English. One of the Russian traditions is for bride & groom to take a bite of the karavai (Russian bread), which is sprinkled with salt, and whoever takes the biggest bite will be in charge. They also had both Russian and English flags flying above the venue. Maria looked absolutely stunning in her dress which was made especially for her by a family friend in Russia. It was a cold winter day, but the sun was shining and everything felt so magical.