Dartmouth - Place That Makes Me Feel Alive.

Just over a year ago my friend invited me to visit Dartmouth, in a beautiful county Devon. Without hesitation I said YES, however half way through our 5 hour journey I felt a little anxious - new place, new people. I didn't know what to expect.

When we arrived, I was absolutely mesmerised by the views - I instantly fell in love with the place. 

Dartmouth Devon

Every time I looked out of the window I wanted to spend hours just absorbing the beauty of Dartmouth. We spent the weekend doing a lot of fun things - kayaking, wall climbing, walking, chilling on the beach, visiting mega cool food places like Cafe Alf Resco & Rockfish. I also met people I now call friends. I completely forgot about all the problems & felt refreshed, motivated...alive. 

I've visited Dartmouth a numerous times now. Every time I explore the town I find new things, new streets, get chatting to random people (who are always so friendly & kind). I always find a spot where I can sit for hours and just watch the boats go past. 

Sometimes life gets a little too manic. With a job and photography & design business on the side it happens very often. Your energy level suddenly drops and you start to feel dull, unmotivated & even lost. When those feelings hit me, I tend to take a break from work and here I am again, in Dartmouth, exploring. Just me & my camera. Wonderful. I find a quiet spot & listen to the soothing sound of waves hitting the rocks, wind blowing through my hair, those golden leaves flying through the air & landing gently next to me. I take a deep breath of fresh seaside air & I feel alive again. 

I feel alive & happy. Saying YES to a Dartmouth adventure last year was one of the best things I have done. I have also realised that going out to explore new places with my camera is what keeps me inspired. I have been lucky to visit Dartmoor once, but I would definitely love to spend more time there, as well as Lake District & Cotswolds to start with, though I have already added Iceland to my list of adventures too and I'm oh so excited!  

Dartmouth Regatta Week 2015