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Hi, hello!

So I'm Darina! I am a down-to-adventure photographer based in a small village on the Cambridgeshire/Norfolk border. I love exploring new places and photography takes me everywhere - Devon, Cornwall, Lake District, Wales, Cotswolds! My adventure buddy is this spaniel Moka. He is pretty bonkers, but he loves humans, attention and the sea.

My Style

I very often use the words ‘moody’, ‘atmospheric’ and ‘documentary’ to describe my style. I capture moments and feelings. They are not staged, they are real. For me to capture your true energy, you need to allow me into your space. 
Embrace laughter, tears and every emotion you’re experiencing. Don’t hide it from me. 

Travel + Elopements

I'm ALWAYS happy to travel. I love being on the road and exploring new places excites me. If you are having an intimate wedding or an elopement somewhere adventurous - Scotland, top of the mountain, cave, by a waterfall...I'm your girl!